Early 1990s At the beginning of the new wave of construction in Iran, Orchid Construction began construction of residential projects in northern Tehran. From the very beginning, the Orchid Group has set a different level of prosperity for its projects, "Luxury Residences". In fact, according to many observers, the mainstream and the criteria of the "luxurious" index in northern Tehran have been formed in the early projects of Orkide Group in the late seventies. By attending almost all international exhibitions and congresses, this collection has always used the latest material achievements and implementation in its projects.

WHY US ...

The Orchid Group, with its ideal combination of art and engineering knowledge, has created the most beautiful and most enduring luxury residences for the sake of comfort and comfortable living of the capital's residents.


From Paris to New York; the Orchid group has built up the best construction equipment with a permanent European market monitoring. Orchid builds its projects in partnership with the most luxurious and genuine brands in the building industry, bringing the experience of living in a 5 star hotel to its residents.


Investment analysis: Orchid Group with its investment team, before defining each project, feasibility analysis, including target customer needs, location, cost, project methodology, material, equipment, decoration and furniture. To give Therefore, Orchid Group apartments are designed and built precisely based on the needs of luxury customers of this complex. Specific Ditches: Orcid has proven in recent years that there is only a group in Tehran that is able to perform unique and unique work. As an example, this collection is the largest and the highest green wall in the country.


The successful experience of many years of delicatessen and ownership / management of the delivery complexes of the project has been given to the investment team Orcide, so the buyers of Orchid apartments can be sure that they have been carefully checked and fixed for every part of their home several times.

Stake Holder

Hamid Torabi


Sohrab Moghadam

Project Manger

Ali Pooraliakbar


Saeed Maziani