Orchid 2 project is implemented on an area of 3000 square meters in 12 floors and 22 units in the last two floors of the tower in the form of a penthouse. The facilities include two swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis, Turkish baths, massage rooms, salt rooms, spa, billiard rooms, numerous sports fields.

Nomber of Unit : 12

Number of stories: : 22

Exclusive built area: : 8000

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Yasir Residential Project located at the highest site of Niavaran on the mountain slope with a view to the pristine nature of the mountains and the city's full visibility without visual disturbance on a land of 1000 square meters and 10 floors including 6 floors of residential and 4 floors of the cottages.

Nomber of Unit : 6

Number of stories: : 10

Exclusive built area: : 4000

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Orchid 1 project was designed and built on a land area of 3200 square meters and 10 floors and units of 400 and 500 square meters. In this project, a 1200 m high vertical garden has been implemented, the largest vertical garden in Iran.

Nomber of Unit : 10

Number of stories: : 14

Exclusive built area: : 3200

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Sahra project is constructed in a land area of 1,000 square meters and under 14,000 square meters and has 31 units. This project has bolt skeletons. The building has an area of 300 square meters. The 4th floor pool is one of the most interesting things in the project.

Nomber of Unit : 14

Number of stories: : 31

Exclusive built area: : 14000

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The mobasher project is designed and implemented in a land area of 2000 square meters and has units of 400 and 500 square meters. Among the highlights of this project, you can mention the magnificent gardens and the rocky facade of the complex which has created a beautiful visual effect.

Nomber of Unit : 24

Number of stories: : 34

Exclusive built area: : 2000

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