The skeletal structure of the project is a retractable pre-tensioned concrete that is resistant to high-intensity earthquakes, and most of which are connected to each other by vertical and horizontal horizontal and vertical planes. Optimal production with high efficiency is one of the main characteristics of Orchid Group. Therefore, all floors of the floor and wall, sound insulation and protection.

Pour Foundation Wall


All tubes used in vertical raiser are of a heavy duty type, and sewage pipes are used in silent systems. The horizontal razers are separate for each unit and all pipe pipes of the 5th layer are insulated with EPDM. The chiller used in the project is from a brand-name air-dried type. Complete implementation of the BMS system based on KNX protocols is one of the main features of the Orchid 2 project and is easily controlled by a touch panel of all units. Fiber optic package, CCTV camera, and CCTV installation in each unit separately.

Framing. Balloon Framing. Sheathing. Roof. Stairs. Windows.

The entire service is covered by Italian FM6 with dimensions of 3 * 15. The stones of the units are of the type Dhbyd Shayan to Luster Super in the size 1.5 * 1.5.

Interior Design

Gates of all Italians, Dairy Dairy Bars, Crocheted Toiletries and ...