The two sides of the north and the south have taken the necessary steps to make the soil and sewers by Nailing and Enkreage method.

Foundation & Structure

The project of Yasser project is wide-ranging radio general and is covered with 400 MPa concrete. The skeleton of the building is of metal and bolt type and has been designed in sketch design as well as foundation for 11 floors.

Pour Foundation Wall

In the field of road construction and construction of the project, the strength and security of the project and the energy dissipation issue were always considered - all of the prefabricated blocks of Lika, which have been used for heat and sound insulation, have been used. All internal and external walls of the project are designed to strengthen and prevent any earthquake malfunctions and ... all-welded frames (Wall Post), on the one hand, to the horizontal beams of the roof and, on the other hand, to the building pillars.


The Italian climaveneta Yaser Chiller project with capacity and pumps from Grandfoot, 5-layer super-piping pipes with EPDM insulation and Italian icchi boilers, the American Hayward pool's ion purification system, and the best way to run the Yasser engine. .

Framing. Balloon Framing. Sheathing. Roof. Stairs. Windows.

At the stage of the project, the project was thoroughly worked out, three principles of providing the best materials, implementation with new methods and very accurate deliveries. Marble slabs of the highest quality are slabs of 150 * 150 cm. The ceramic body of the service is selected from the Italian Slabs of 150 * 300 in the most recent of the world's most modern qualities, and is installed with the latest method. In most of the spaces, the art of Iranian gypsy art and adaptation of the Renaissance period have been implemented.

Interior Design